2000 Honda CR250

What was your intended objective when you started the build?

I wanted to see this poorly mistreated dirt bike, brought back to her former glory, from the brick of ruin.

What motivated you to start your project?

I purchased this bike to use as a parts bike.  Since I had other CR250’s at the time I thought I could use the spare parts.  Over time I ended up selling the CR250’s I’d had, with just this parts bike remaining.  It was in poor shape to say the least.  At this point I thought about selling it off.  In the poor condition the bike was currently in I didn’t think I’d get much money out of it and it would most likely end up as I had previously designed to do; parting it out.  As I was trying to decide what to do I started looking a little closer at the bike and thought, “This poor bike was once someone’s pride and joy, yet here it sits clinging to life with no hope”. At that moment I thought, “Why not give this poor girl a second lease on life”.

What was the most unique and creative thing you did to the bike?

I wanted to use the 2002-present foot pegs. However they are not designed to fit this frame.  I ended up figuring out that if I take the 2002 CR250 peg mount and spreading the hole spacing out about .25 inch, Id be able to use the mount on my 2000 CR250 frame.  This would then allow the use of the modern pegs on my older frame.
I took this idea and with the help of a local machine shop I had the idea drafted up.  To take this design a bit farther, I decided to have the mounts crafted out of 6al-4v Titanium.
This just adds to the rest of the titanium I have littering the bike.

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of the fact that I’ve taken a bike, that was worth more parted out, back to showroom condition.

What do other people say about your motorcycle?

When I show people my CR250 they love it.  They say the gold rims are a nice touch from the 80’s style.  They also ask why I have it mounted on a pedestal rather than ride it.  I tell them, “She’s enjoying retirement”.


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