2003 Buell Custom Rigid

What was your intended objective when you started the build?

Low cost, leverage parts I pulled from my 2006 Dyna Wide Glide that were lying around (wheels, rear caliper), and keep it clean.  The more I got into the design and build, the more I wanted to make a statement, so my costs went up about $5K more than I originally intended to spend, but in the end, I am glad I invested the additional money and time.

What motivated you to start your project?

Wanted to build a custom bobber, and attempt to do so on the cheap.  Found a deal on a wrecked Buell XB9 that had a good engine.  I figured not too many people put XB engines in rigids, so I thought I’d give it a go.  Connected with Bitter End Old School Choppers to build me a custom frame, and designed the bike around what I liked with what I saw coming from the likes of Will Ramsey and Faith Forgotten Choppers.

What was the most unique and creative thing you did to the bike?

Put a Buell XB9 engine (from what was essentially a crotch-rocket bike) into a hard tail, rigid frame and made a kick ass bar hopper out of it, that is way fun to ride and great to look at!  Most folks think an XB engine is essentially a Sportster Evo.  In some ways it is, but the mounting points for the Buell engine are completely different than that of a Sportster Evo, which means that the only frame that is not a stock Buell XB that will work with this engine has to be custom built from scratch.  That is where I connected with ‘Big Al’ Wilkerson of Bitter End Old School Choppers in Iowa.  He did a great job on the frame, then shipped it to me in Oregon where I worked w/ a local fabricator/bike builder to assist me with the mock-up and required fab (tank, rear fender, etc.).  Additionally, the paint design is somewhat unique, especially with splitting the paint on the frame and springer front end.

What are you most proud of?

Doing something – as an amateur builder/designer, that most established and reputable builders do not pursue.

What do other people say about your motorcycle?

It’s bad-ass, it’s unique, they love the paint job and color scheme.


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