2007 Custom Chopper

What was your intended objective when you started the build?

Actually I just wanted to build a really cool custom bike for riding around town.  The original intent was not to build a bike that is as nice as it turned out.  That was what happened when I didn’t know I was really “overdoing it” while I was building it.  I just poured and poured so much of my passion into it that it came out almost too nice to ride.  Is that possible? Not really.  I do ride it.  Not on long trips, but that’s not what I intended it for.


What motivated you to start your project?

My passion for motorcycles and my passion to build things.  I’ve always wanted a bike like the ones I saw in shows as a kid.  I had an old Harley sportster years ago and the memories it gave me have never faded. But I wanted to build my own creation.


What was the most unique and creative thing you did to the bike?

It is definitely the custom leatherwork.  I designed, handtooled, and assembled all of the leather on the bike.  There are hours and hours of work in each piece of leather on the chopper.  Notice the tiny laced leather spark plug boots? The tooled leather battery cover? How about the ghosting in the paint job that also crosses over and is continued in the leather work?  I originally built the bike with a short sissy, but I recently extended the sissy bar to where it is now.  That entailed re-doing all of the seat leatherwork.  IT is hard though to pick the most creative and unique thing.  I think the bike as a whole is the most creative and unique thing I did.


What are you most proud of?

The bike as a whole.  The entire bike is the accomplishment.  Also the fact that I did it without any help from anybody.  It was truly a one man project.


What do other people say about your motorcycle?

The most common comment I hear is that they have never seen anything like it.  I had an old timer biker with patches all over his jacket from years and years of riding memories, say that he had seen ever bike you could imagine but he had never seen a bike like mine.  He loved it.



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