We are really excited to announce the launch of Garage Build magazine in 2019. It is being brought to you by TAM Communications, the same good folks that publish American Iron Magazine. It will be a first-class magazine produced by industry professionals who know their way around motorcycles and the riders who love their bikes.

Garage Build magazine will focus on home builds, do-it-yourself and how-to information for both American V-Twin and Metric motorcycles. Look for the first issue of Garage Build magazine to hit the streets February 19, 2019. Subscribers will get it sooner!



Go ahead, roll your sleeves up and get some grease under your fingernails. More and more enthusiastic readers are discovering Garage Build magazine. Garage Build is the premier source for do-it-yourself and how-to information about both American V-Twin and Metric motorcycles. Garage Build magazine is a uniquely positioned magazine that provides motorcycle enthusiasts with DIY tech, maintenance, and repair information to keep their rides running strong.

Our pages offer the information and advice that fulfills our readers’ passion for maintaining, personalizing and fixing their bikes. Catering to real-world riders, every issue of Garage Build includes step-by-step install stories, features of home-built custom bikes, useful technical skills, and new tool and product listings.

Garage Build is the magazine for motorcycle do-it-yourselfers from beginner to moderate skill levels. Our focus is on repairing and customizing our motorcycles. Our expert staff of writers share a wide range of tech topics all in a practical, user-friendly package, featuring top-notch photography with easy to follow descriptions. Garage Build is a budget-conscious magazine showing real world riders how to improve their bikes.

To view some recent builds and enter a build of your own in the Dennis Kirk Garage Build contest, click here.

Everyone who posts a build on the website will RECEIVE A FREE GARAGE BUILD HAT AND A CHANCE TO WIN ONE OF FOUR $250 DENNIS KIRK GIFT CARDS. Every 90 days gift cards will be awarded to the owners of the bikes judged to be the best in each of four classes: Mild and Wild American V-Twin motorcycles & Mild and Wild Metric motorcycles.

THE STAFF OF GARAGE BUILD MAGAZINE WILL BE THE JUDGES. They will pick the motorcycles they think are coolest and best of class. Are there judging rules? Yes, here is the fine print.